At some point during our life experience, we start to ask ourselves deeper questions as we search for more meaning, fulfilment and happiness in our lives.

Finding the answers to these questions requires stillness, quiet contemplation, an open mind, surrender and trust in something greater than ourselves as we open up to receive spiritual guidance.

If you are new to your spiritual path and looking to understand your journey then I’m excited to share a book that can help you on your spiritual walk.

I’m so incredibly proud of my mom for using her gifts, one of them being a spirit communicator, to write and publish her book called Soul Journeys For Beginners by channelling information and guidance from her Spirit Guides, as well as sharing her story and lessons learnt along the way.

This book was written to help those seeking answers to the deeper questions pondered and gain a better understanding of themselves and their contribution to the world.

If you are looking for guidance, to gain further insight, understanding and inspiration on your soul journey, then I highly recommend reading her book!

Soul Journeys For BeginnersSoul Journeys For Beginners


To all those people who are searching for answers to difficult questions as to the roles that their lives are playing on this Earth plane experience.
If you are asking yourself, where do I begin in search for answers to a deeper and more balanced life?
Are you asking about your Soul and how it journeys with you during your life?
Do you need support and comfort during your life experience?
Are you a little bit afraid of what you may find if you choose to look deep within yourself?
Where are you going within your mind as you seek answers that may have been previously limited?
Are you ready to face the challenges that a new and expansive mindset may bring?
Do you feel uplifted when allowing yourself to consider that perhaps you could begin to change those negative thought patterns?

This book offers a teaching that is gentle and uplifting, so if you are ready, then begin your journey here.

“Let the sun shine every day on your life, take away the darkness and leave only love standing there, giving you everything you need.” -Spirit

This is a wonderfully uplifting book with inspiring words from Spirit offering great guidance in answering some of the deeper questions of life.

It offers a greater understanding of how we place ourselves in this world and how we have the power and freedom to create and shape our own reality.

If you would like to read this short and insightful book, you can purchase it HERE.

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